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AGB´s & rules of the house

ambit / business conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to contracts in the mail form and oral, written for the rental use of the guest rooms of the hostel for accommodation as well as for the related additional services of the hostel. General terms and conditions of the customer do not apply.
  2. The contract is concluded only by verbal or written confirmation of the hostel to the guest.
  3. The night and stay in the premises of the LaLeLu hostel only registered persons are permitted.

booking, cancelation, checkin, checkout, house rights

  1. A binding booking is made via the booking form or by calling the Hostelpersonal, and will be confirmed by email from us. The sign-in and booking form are complete truthfully and completely. A third party carries out the order for the guest, he is liable the hostel to as Orderer together with the guest as jointly and severally for all obligations under the Treaty, provided that a corresponding declaration of the customer the hostel. Independent therefrom, each customer is obliged to pass on all posting-relevant information, in particular in these terms of use, to the guest. In non-compliance, the ordering party is liable the hostel to for any adverse consequences thereby incurred.
  2. The total amount is to be paid in cash directly to the competent Hostelpersonal on the ground before occupancy of rooms or to transfer at least 10 days before logged assignment to the following account:
  3. payee: Nico Uhlig
    bank: Sparkasse Vogtland
    account number (IBAN): DE97 8705 8000 4814 0359 99

    Unless otherwise agreed, can closed contracts of accommodation up to 6 weeks before arrival cancelled free of charge and changed.
    Then apply the following cancellation policy:
    In the cancellation of the guest has, if an otherwise agreed, to pay the hostel a liquidated damages (penalty) according to the following scale:

    For resignation of the guest has, if an otherwise agreed to pay liquidated damages (penalty) to the hostel after following season:

    -Cancellation up to 21 days before arrival: 20% of contract value
    -Cancellation up to 7 days before arrival: 50% of contract value
    -Resignation after: 80% of the value of the contract, or non-arrival 100% of contract value

    The contract value is the total gross in the accommodation agreement agreed. When parts resigned from the contract (e.g. reduced number of persons), the cancellation fee only for the concerned section and scope will be charged. The hostel is however entitled to bring the current standard terms and conditions, if different benefits granted to the customers of reduced performance.

  4. The occupancy of the rooms is possible on the day of arrival just in time from 14:00 to 18:00, or by telephone arrangement. Please approximate time shares us with absolutely, when you are travelling.
  5. The rooms are assigned upon arrival. The guest not entitled to the provision of certain rented rooms, unless, the hostel has confirmed in writing to the provision of specific rooms.Continue to be a briefing and the keys by the staff.
  6. On the day of departure, the rooms are to pass 11:00 am on the staff in a proper state. Unless the room is not timely vacated by the guest, the hotel is entitled to make the day room rate, from 6 pm for the additional use of room 100% full valid. Is to one day before the departure to admit known what time the rooms available is to take place the staff. But not before 06:00 am.
  7. The domestic authority is exercised by the operator, as well as the staff employed by them. Violations of this order can be punished by immediate reference from the hostel. In this case, no refund is made.
  8. The hostels also referenced without refund who commits an act that is threatened with punishment in the premises of the hostel. This also applies if the action is not prosecuted.
  9. The hotel is entitled to rescind the contract for important reasons. Important reasons in this sense are in particular:

    Force majeure or circumstances which others too from the hostel which make impossible the fulfilment of the contract.

    If be ordered specifying misleading or incorrect material facts about the person of the guest or the purpose of the stay, the rooms.

    Is reasonable to assume of the hostel, that the use of Hostelleistung might jeopardize the smooth operation, safety, or reputation of the hostel in the public without requiring this attributable to control or organizational scope of the hostel.

    In the aforementioned cases of withdrawal no score for compensation chargeable.

  10. The hostel has the right to offer an adequate substitute accommodation (same or similar quality) to the guest for objectively justified reasons, if this is reasonable to the guest, particularly if the difference is insignificant and objectively justified.

    Considered factual justified reasons, particularly if the reserved rooms have become unusable, guests already accommodated prolong their stay, there is an overbooking or any other important operational measures require this step.

    Possible extra costs for the equivalent hotel are at the expense of the hostel. The assertion of further claims for damages is excluded.

Rules of the house

  1. Smoking and open fires are prohibited in the whole hostel.
  2. Pets may be brought only after prior consultation and approval of the operator.
  3. Damages, including also the label of inventory, caused by guests will be charged.
  4. The nighttime peace from 22:00 (10p.m.) until 06:00 (6 a.m.)has to be respected.
  5. Borrowing of linen and towels is possible for a fee, can be brought back but also themselves.
  6. If you want to use own electrical items, sets, systems or facilities please ask our staff in advance for an authorisation. In such a case the hostel might make a package price for the power consumption.

Kitchen and sanitary facilities

  1. Guests rely on self catering. This is a kitchen available, which can be used by all guests, equipped to the usual extent. An agreement with other guests/groups of usage times and scope is therefore warranted. Uses that go beyond the usual measure, as for example, for parties and the like, only with the prior consent of the staff possible.
  2. The washroom, the toilets and the shower guests also to share available. Mutual respect is necessary.
  3. All systems are to protect and to keep always neat and clean, as well as carefully to treat. The guest is liable for any damage.

Responsibility and liability

  1. Excludes all liability for personal injury and property damage in the premises of the hostel.
  2. With the conclusion of the contract, the guest confirms that he is liable for all damage caused ´s by him while using the hostel.

Validity and severability clause

  1. The General conditions or the House rules are valid, as long as until they because of changes that will be decided by the operator, are not valid.
  2. The possible invalidity of a provision is also without prejudice to the effectiveness. The ineffective or become ineffective provision is to replace, which is the desired system closest to a sense appropriate effective provision. The same applies in the event that a loophole is included.
  3. The provisions of the hotel and catering Act remain unaffected.


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